Style: Cap Off with Rubberized Grip

Length Open: 4.25” Closed: 4.5”

Cartridge: Fisher Pressurized PR4 Black Ink Medium Point

Packaging: Moonscape Gift Box with Universal Sleeve


Chrome Plated X/750/S with Capacitive Stylus for all Touch Screen Devices


Measuring only 4 1/2" long when closed, the X/750 has a chrome barrel and cap with a black rubber finger grip and a capacitive stylus tip for all smart phone and tablet touch screens! The cap is removable and can be posted on the rear end of the pen to create a full sized, well weighted and balanced writing instrument. The rubber finger grip helps to prevent calluses while providing a very comfortable feel for extended use.  

Please note that the stylus portion of this pen is easily replaceable by simply unscrewing it from the body. This replacement part is considered a disposable item and is NOT covered under our repair or replacement policy.  

This executive series of Fisher Space Pens is small, sleek and stylish. Utilizing the same dependable pressurized ink cartridges that allow our pens to write in all kinds of extreme conditions, they make a great gift for any special occasion!